Punk Rock Halloween: Loud Fast & Scary

Punk Rock Halloween: Loud Fast & Scary

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Format: CD
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 10/13/2017
UPC: 889466071324


1. Evil Approaches by Reel Big Fish
2. Black Kiss by The Adolescents
3. Everyday's Like Halloween by 999
4. Cheap Masks by The Riverboat Gamblers
5. By the Lantern Light by Ghoultown
6. Dance of the Dead by Anti-Nowhere League
7. Voices of the Dead by Calabrese
8. Devil's Level by The Dwarves
9. Things of Darkness by One Eyed Doll
10. Don't Be Afraid by Buck-O-Nine
11. Jack the Ripper by The Members
12. Ain't Life a Bitch by Guttermouth
13. I Walked with a Zombie by UK Subs
14. Rip It Off by Down By Law
15. From the Neck Up by Jfa
16. There's Something Wrong by Sylvain Sylvain
17. Wake up Screaming by The Coffin Daggers
18. Black Cat Woman by Walter Lure
19. Among the Missing by The Freeze
20. Creatures of the Night by The Vibrators
21. Isabella by The Independents
22. The Ghost of 1893 by The Implants
23. Halloween by Peligro
24. Trending in Blood by Naked Aggression
25. Candy Kills by Dead Cat Lounge
26. Endless Halloween by Bankrupt
27. Heat of the Dark by 800 Octane

More Info:

2017 collection. A host of veteran punk acts and young up-and-commers offer up this tricky treat of Halloween-themed punk rock songs for the whole dysfunctional family! Includes performances by Reel Big Fish, The Adolescents, Anti-Nowhere League, 999, UK Subs, Dwarves, The Vibrators, Heartbreaker Walter Lure, NY Doll Sylvain Sylvain and others.