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You Are Going To Hate This [Vinyl]


Format: Vinyl
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 02/12/2016
UPC: 842803012411

You Are Going To Hate This [Vinyl]
Artist: The Frights
Format: Vinyl
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''They drift between drawn-out jangle-pop and sped-up grime-punk riffs, and frontman Mikey Carnevale twists his echoey yells as if Roy Orbison became a surf rat and used an empty metal trashcan as a microphone.'' --The Portland Mercury


''Swoon-worthy psych guitar riffs rendez-voused with reverb during our hellos. The song then turned 180 degrees and exploded into a raunchy rockabilly tune. Full of raw grit power, Mikey Carnevale's vocals charged into the backbeat-driven snare before flowing back into those luscious psychedelic riffs. I might have to sit down for a second.'' --Lo Pie

''The Frights, a San Diego surf-punk band tore up the stage with their enormous energy. Some of their number one fans were crowd diving at every opportunity they had, while singing along to their songs. These guys absolutely rip....'' --Grimy Goods