Fun Favorites! [LP]

Fun Favorites! [LP]

Artist: Caspar Babypants

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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 01/19/2018
UPC: 614511846820

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Chris Ballew says: "After making SO many albums I have found people can be overwhelmed with the burden of too many amazing choices. Every album has a handful of songs that resonate with a lot of people so I figured it was time to make a collection of favorite songs. I chose a couple of songs off of each album and sprinkled them all over this little collection. Some of these are the public's favorite and some are my personal favorites. I am releasing it on vinyl only as a way to make it a bit of a collectable item and to satisfy those parents that keep asking me for music on vinyl! There will hopefully be a series of these collections coming out over the next few years so get ready to collect them all and show your kids what playing a record is all about! Enjoy these FUN FAVORITES!"