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Monday, April 15th at 5pm


Album:Gulf Coast Museum

Kevin "Shinyribs" Russell is known as the front man of the Austin, TX musical combo, THe Gourds. Russell, in search of an outlet for his massive stockpile of songs, began performing solo shows under the pseudonym Shinyribs as early as 2006. After palying a monthly show in Houston for the two years he honed SHinyribs into one of the most interesting roots music experiences around. A revolving line up of Austin talent has evolved into the current top notch band: Gourds drumemr, Keith Langford, Cerebral Pony bass and Jeff Brown and Kentucky fried keyboard whiz Winfield Cheek.

The sophomore Shinyribs full-length - Gulf Coast Museum - contains another 8 "tall tales from Texas" and a faithful cover of the 1972 Harold Melvin smash hit "If You Don't Know Me By Now," rendered on ukulele and sung by Russell and Brandy Zdan.

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Tuesday, April 16th at 1pm

As befits a homage to Jamaican music, there appears to have been an intensely relaxed air to updating the Major Lazer formula. Their 2009 debut, Guns Don't Kill People, Lazers Do, mixed roots, dub and dancehall with more Americanised rhythms, all embellished with local vocal talent. The same holds true for Free the Universe, with added guests from North America. There are some tracks that even appear to be direct refits of those from four years ago (for Pon De Floor then, read Wind Up now). One further samey aspect is the one that makes the album work, however: its catchiness. Just as with Guns ... there are hooks, refrains and phrases that stick in your head and infect with their admirable silliness. Scare Me is one highlight: a dubbed-up Hanna-Barbera theme tune with a foul-mouthed verse from Peaches that makes you giggle as well as gag ("feel my wikileak" indeed). Fronted by the blond, blue-eyed Diplo, the whiff of the ersatz may remain with Major Lazer, especially on a couple of overwhelmingly screamy EDM tracks, but it's the same man's ability to craft memorable modern pop that has kept this project interesting. - Guardian

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Tuesday, April 16th at 5pm

Meat Puppets

Album: Rat Farm

"Immediately recognized for their unique fusion of punk, country, folk, rock, and whatever other style you want to throw in the mix, the Meat Puppets’ latest album­due out April 16 through Megaforce­is no far cry from the sound and talented writing that has earned them their stripes. Rat Farm’s 12 songs measure up to the standards that the band and its fans have come to expect, culminating in a final product full of melodic, sing-along-worthy lyrics and front-porch-foot-stomping rhythm.

From the title-track to the closer, Rat Farm’s sound is carefully crafted and accomplished, sure to please their fans and grab the ear of one or two new ones along the way. With the addition of singer/guitarist Curt Kirkwood’s son on guitar and Shandon Sahm on drums, Rat Farm promises to bring more family into the fold when the band tours in support of the album." by Andrea Seastrand March 15, 2013  The Aquarian

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