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What's New 5-10-24

judah and the lion
Cletus the Van Records

This record is a song cycle about the process of grief, moving thru the traditional five stages of Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance and welcoming the pain that accompanies each stage. Rather than deflecting or bottling it up, facing the pain head-on allows us to be more human with ourselves and each other. There's also mandolin, handclaps and whoops.

shannon and the clams
Easy Eye Sound

Woven from the threads of devastating loss – the sudden passing of Shannon's fianceé – this record unfolds as the Clams' most introspective to date. With Dan Auerbach's production, the album delves deep into themes of heartache and healing, and showcases the band's trademark wry psychedelia, energetic nostalgia, and flourishes of retro beauty.

knocked loose
Pure Noise Records

There’s no ceiling for hardcore in 2024, but there’s a center to what Knocked Loose do that will never change: uncompromising heaviness, both sonically and thematically. What is evolving is their drive to find new ways to convey that heaviness, and add tasteful variety that only highlights their undiminished ferocity.

pokey lafarge
New West Records

While working 12-hour days farming, LaFarge began dreaming up a kaleidoscopic sound informed by his love of mambo, tropicália, rocksteady, and mid-century American rock-and-roll. “The songs that naturally come to me are upbeat and make you wanna dance,” says LaFarge. “I used to think of my music in dark blue, but now I see it in technicolor.”

sebastian bach
Reigning Phoenix Music

The former Skid Row frontman powers back with pummelling, Bach-to-basics heap of heavy rock fun. Given that Judas Priest just released one of the best albums in their 50-year career, Sebastian Bach will be hoping that seniority is the new youth (gone wild). There isn’t anything particularly new here, but what he does he still does mighty well.

Hollywood Records

This 28-track setlist shows the breadth and brilliance of Queen’s songwriting. It mixes ‘70s classics with fan-favorite deep cuts and album tracks (“Keep Yourself Alive,” “Dragon Attack,” “I’m In Love With My Car,” “Sheer Heart Attack”), as well as two songs (“Flash,” “The Hero”) which are exclusive to the audio-only formats. Limited Edition

amen dunes
Sub Pop

For the first time the reflections and meditations of Amen Dunes are turned from himself and sharply towards the world. A drastic turn musically and thematically, rooted in the electronic music of raves and of rap music he grew up with, Death Jokes plays like a scathing electronic essay on America's culture of violence, dominance, and destructive individualism.

chick corea and bela fleck
Bela Fleck Productions

Remembrance serves as a moving final document of the profound creative and personal rapport of banjoist Béla Fleck and pianist Chick Corea. It’s also a crucial addendum to Corea’s legacy, featuring three previously unreleased Corea compositions as well as five short free improvisations, or impromptus, that Fleck has infused with written music.

Fat Possum

The indie-rock trio went off the grid in New Mexico, got stranded in Montana, and returned home to Chicago to make Poetry, an LP filled with pain and joy and everything in between. It's not a stretch to preemptively label it 2024's record of the summer for the alternative crowd. It's fun, it’s fresh, it’s vibes for days.

kings of leon

As the title suggests, it’s a document of one of this era’s great rock n’ roll bands cutting loose, trying new things, and, yes, having some fun. The band harkens back to their gritty origins while simultaneously finding new gears. It’s the sound of a band freed from any expectations, and the album the band says they’ve always wanted to make.

sturgill simpson
High Top Mountain Records

10th anniversary of the seismic shifting album. Named one of Rolling Stone’s “Greatest Country Albums of All Time” in 2022. The New York Times called it, “one of the most jolting country albums in recent memory.” The new special edition features a fully reimagined album cover, pressed on 180g vinyl with an “old style” tip-on jacket.

cims spotify playlist

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