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What's New 8-18-23

Dualtone Music Group

A masterful exploration of folk-rooted introspection. With tender vocals and poetic songwriting, Isakov paints vivid emotional landscapes while the stripped-down instrumentation and organic production create an intimate ambiance. "I wanted to go backward a little bit, Isakov says. I wanted to have more of a raw experience with this one."


Unreal Unearth is a captivating musical journey that seamlessly blends soulful melodies, introspective lyrics, and hauntingly beautiful arrangements. Each track feels like a glimpse into a different world, as Hozier's emotive vocals and poetic storytelling create an enchanting atmosphere while showcasing his artistic prowess.


A joyful celebration of cultural diversity and musical virtuosity. Infused with infectious rhythms and Batiste's signature piano prowess, each track is a global fusion of genres that invites listeners to dance and reflect. The album's exuberant energy and meaningful messages make it a vibrant tapestry of sound that transcends borders and uplifts the spirit.


Rene Rapps debut album Snow Angel kicks off her new era of music by putting her heart on full display as she continues to round out her already multidimensional artistry. Executive produced by Alexander 23, the album captures Rapps ability to unabashedly speak her truth, whether its through emotional ballads or pop hits.

Deep Rush

Steeped in his signature blues, southern soul, and funk, Rush blends vivid storytelling about his life with comical metaphors about love and relationships. Across his new albums ten tracks, Rush puts the breadth of his songwriting capabilities on display creating a genuine and timeless expression of affection and musical craftsmanship.

Blue Note

On Cautious Clays deeply personal Blue Note debut, Karpeh, the singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer takes an artistic leap forward with an ambitious yet introspective album about growth, conceptions of intimacy and lineage that reveals a new side of his artistry by delving deeper than ever into his jazz influences.

Smithsonian Folkways

The tender and curious songs by pre-school teacher Mr. Greg and acclaimed indie chameleon Cass McCombs celebrate the joys of learning and discovery. Set to tunes straight from the mold of Ella Jenkins and Woody Guthrie, the duo sings about the importance of friendship, understanding those different from yourself, and taking care of your body.

Virgin Music

ISTJ unleashes a dynamic fusion of K-pop styles that's both electrifying and introspective, with genre-blurring beats, flawless harmonies, and infectious energy creating a rollercoaster of emotions. NCT Dream showcases their evolution, crafting a musical journey that resonates with fans and newcomers alike a testament to their artistry and innovation.

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