Bill's Bowiemania Reviews!!

Young Americans
The "Plastic Soul" album! Bowie relocates to Philly and absorbs the popular sound of the time. Luther Vandross is a back up singer! "Fame" is co-writtern by John Lennon (as well as sings on it!) great record!

Young Americans Special Edition
the great Philly soul cd with extras including the infamous appearance on the Dick Cavett Show ( my Gawd was he super gaunt then!)

David Live
Touring Diamond Dogs and Fame with Earl Slick on guitar. A very cool different way to listen to Bowie

The first of the Bowie-Eno-Visconti trilogy ! inspire by the Berlin Wall (recorded in Berlin) inspired by Kraftwerk and Neu! very influential and controversial record when it came out with (shock!) a whole side of really great instrumentals! includes the fantastic "Be My Wife"

part two of the trilogy, with "Heroes" being one of the most famous songs recorded with one long guitar line EVER (thank you Robert Fripp! ) "Sons Of The Silent Age" is my personal favorite! and another side of cool instrumental songs like "V2 Schneider"

The oddest one of the trilogy with Eno this has some of Bowies most catchy songs.The undeniable force of "Look Back In Anger" and powerfully moving "Red Sails"

Scary Monsters
The first Bowie album for the 80's! often said by critics as his last truly great album, and who can blame them with songs like "Scary Monsters", "Ashes To Ashes" and "ts No Game". Guitarist Adrian Below almost steals the show!

Lets Dance
The "really 80's Bowie" album his biggest selling album! lost lots of the original fans, but started playing larger venues! say what you want about this not being as good as any of the 70's records, the tunes are killer! "Modern Love", "China Girl" and (my personal favorite) "With Out You" featuring Stevie Ray Vaughan!

Space Oddity
The one the that started it all ! after singing about gnomes, Bowie made this folksy-sounding record with his first hit "Space Oddity"

The Man Who Sold The World
The often "overlooked" album. This is truly a classic! Mick Ronson really shines on this with songs like "All The Madmen" (about Bowies older brother) and the awesome "Savior Machine"

Hunky Dory
The first great record where Bowie came onto his own. Some of the best songs of his career on this including "Changes" and the irresistible rocker "Queen Bitch"

Bowie At The Beeb
Everyone knows the BBC recordings bring out the best of our favorite 60's and 70's artists, Bowies BBC is no exception! Fantastic versions of all the great stuff from 1968 to 1972

Live Santa Monica 72
For the longest time this was one of the most in demand bootleg of Bowie. Rocking the Ziggy persona

Aladdin Sane
Oftern called the American version of Ziggy Stardust. From the quirky cover of "Lets Spend The Night Together" to the title track with the famous Mike Garson piano outro. A must for Ziggy fans!

Pin Ups
It seems the norm nowadays for artists to have cover or tribute albums but Bowie did it first and best (in my opinion!)  Great versions of great songs like "Sorrow" and Syd Barrett's "See Emily Play"

Diamond Dogs
After he didnt get permission he desired from the Greoge Orwell estate to write a musical about the novel 1984, whats a pop star to do with the songs already written for it? why make up your own world thats what! "Sweet Thing" is my favorite

Station To Station
Bowie claims he hardly remembers making this album. A strict diet of peppers, milk and cocaine might have something to do with it! Made around the time of movie he starred in The Man Who Fell To Earth. Great songs! especially "Wild As The Wind" "TVC 15"