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In Memory Of Esme B.


Words cannot express the heart ache we feel over the loss of our co-worker and friend, Esme. We are still trying to make sense out of the senseless act that took her life. Trying to cope with her absence and remember the great joy that she brought us all.

Esme worked with us here at Waterloo for the past five years, this was her second job. She was a teacher's assistant at Cassis elementary, and a student aspiring to earn her teaching certificate. She was a lover of music, an awesome DJ, a drummer, a music coach and mentor at Girls Rock Camp. She was also a huge supporter of underground music here in Austin and beyond.

Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward of up to $1,000 for any information leading to an arrest of the person who took Esme's life. In addition, friends and family of Esme B are offering an additional reward upon conviction. Donations can be made directly at any Wells Fargo Branch under the Esme Barrera Reward Fund. You may also make a donation here via Pay Pal by clicking on the Pay Pal button below: If you have any tips or information about this case, please contact the Crime Stoppers Austin TIPS Hotline: 512-472-TIPS (8477) OR 1-800-893-TIPS (8477)

Here is Esme, starring as the cop in John Weseley Coleman's - Come On Cops video. This is just one example of her great sense of humor...I remember being up at the register while she was picking out her Cop sunglasses in the store before shooting this video, she was so excited! John Coleman is a close friend of hers, and I believe she was truly his biggest fan...



Esme was an integral part of our Waterloo family, she had many close friends here. She attended every Waterloo softball game and was surely the reason Waterloo won a "best fans" award last year. Her enthusiasm carried over through her work here, she loved discovering new music and helping turning on others to it. I know she made fast friends with customers, and can't count how many times her students families or friends would stop by just because they knew she was working that day.

As a friend of Esme's, I have been privileged enough to dance with her at her DJ gigs, rock out and sing along with her at shows. Watch her misty eyed with tears of joy after seeing a Girls Rock Camp band she coached perform. Laugh with her, confide in her, console her, share our hopes and dreams. But I am just one of many whos lives she's touched and changed forever.

w/ linda     rockin

Children were a huge part of Esme's life, she had a gift of relating to children with special needs, as well as mentoring girls in the art of rock. We cannot think of a better way to honor her love for them, than encouraging donations to Girls Rock Camp Austin in her name. This will enable young girls to receive a scholarship to attend Girls Rock Camp Austin. Having known many campers and coaches, I cannot speak enough at how empowering and special this organization is, and how important it was to Esme.

The person who took Esme's life has not been caught. Police believe it may have been the same perpetrator who attacked two other women that same night on the same street just moments before and after Esme's attack. Here is a link to that story and a composite sketch and description by the other two women who were attacked. It's painful to share the accounts of her death, but we feel it is important for everyone to be informed as much as possible to help get this perpetrator off the streets.




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