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The 2nd Record Store Day Drop is Saturday 9/26!

For Drop#1, Waterloo limited our early “virtual line” to 200 folks, so that we could begin taking online orders at a strict time. For RSD Drop#2, we are increasing the size of the early “virtual line”, and randomizing it. This will allow everyone that meets our 9am Wednesday September 23rd “wishlist” submission deadline, (details below) to randomly get into the 'virtual line'

Once all of the randomized wishlists have turned into orders, and are filled Saturday afternoon, we will announce across all platforms that online RSD ordering has begun at (We anticipate this will happen at 2PM-ish). Maintaining the spirit of shopping RSD for all Austinites at their local record store, Waterloo won’t be offering any shipping options (CURBSIDE PICK UP ONLY!) on all RSD online orders placed until 9am Monday, September 28th. Also, NO changing RSD curbside pickup orders to any shipping delivery after the fact.

How to Make Your Waterloo Records RSD Drop#2 Wishlist

In keeping everyone safe and healthy, Waterloo created a link with a wishlist form listing everything RSD Drop #2 that we’ve ordered, and we’re asking you to build your WATERLOO RSD Drop#2 WISHLIST HERE, then hit submit. We maintain a strict 10 title limit per wishlist, but you may submit multiple wishlists if you wish to buy more than 10 titles, but NO DUPLICATES, ONE COPY OF EACH TITLE PER PERSON! (If you encounter an error on your wishlist submission, you likely selected more than 10 titles. De-selecting back down to 10 titles should fix the problem.)

All wishlists must be received by 9am Wednesday September 23rd. NO EXCEPTIONS.

After we have received everyone’s wishlist, we’re going to randomly mix them up to put your list into a “virtual line”, giving everyone an equal chance to be at the front of the line. Go to the WaterlooRecords Instagram on Friday September 25th to see the “virtual line” randomizing magic in action.

Starting at 7am RSD Saturday September 26th, we’ll change your ‘wishlist’ into actual RSD orders, and begin calling folks then to get your credit/debit card info, to pay for your RSD orders. (Hint: leave your credit card and phone within easy bedside reach!) If we wake you at 7:05am, the ‘good news’ is that you were randomly placed at the beginning of the line, and are most likely getting all of your RSD wishes. If you don’t answer our first call, we will leave a brief message that it’s Waterloo, and immediately call you back. If you fail to answer a 2nd time, we unfortunately will need to CANCEL your order and move on to the next one. We really don't want to do this, so please have your phone and card at the ready.


1. If you put it on your wishlist, and we can fill it, you are committing to take the FULL order, or FORFEIT it. We won’t be able to make ANY adjustments once a wishlist has turned into an order.

2. As always, there is a limit of ONE COPY OF EACH TITLE PER PERSON.

3. If you submit a wishlist for any title more than once, THEY WILL CANCEL OUT and you will receive no copies.

4. After you complete a wishlist, you can submit up to 10 more titles max, in a second request, but NO duplicate titles.

5. Wishlist items that become RSD orders, are for CURBSIDE PICK UP ONLY. NO SHIPPING, NO EXCEPTIONS.

6. The name on your wishlist MUST match the name on your valid picture ID at CURBSIDE PICKUP.

7. You may do Curbside PickUp from 7am to 9pm on RSD Saturday once you have been called for your wishlist card info, and for all online orders, after you’ve received our 2nd email that your order has been ‘completed’.

Here’s wishing everyone a great RSD Drop#2, and we look forward to serving you for RSD Drop#3 on Saturday Oct 24th.

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