The 3rd Record Store Day Drop is Saturday 10/24!

Sorry, Waterloo is no longer taking RSD Drop #3 wishlist submissions. But don't worry, all remaining RSD titles will be available online ONLY at Sat. afternoon, 2pm-Ish. Simply follow us on social media to get that announcement.

Maintaining the spirit of shopping RSD at your local record store, Waterloo won’t be offering ANY shipping options (CURBSIDE PICK UP ONLY!) on all RSD orders placed prior to 9am Mon. 10/26. We will start accepting RSD Drop#3 online orders to be shipped out ONLY at/after 9am Mon 10/26.


1. As always, there is an RSD limit of ONE COPY OF EACH ITEM PER PERSON.

2. If you submit a request for any item more than once, THEY WILL CANCEL OUT and you will receive no copies. If, after you complete a request, (We have a strict 10 title limit per request) you’d like to add any additional items, you can submit up to 10 more titles max, in other requests, but NO duplicate titles.

3. The name on your request MUST match the name on your valid picture ID at CURBSIDE PICKUP.

5. You can do Curbside PickUp from 7am to 9pm RSD Sat. 10/24, once you’ve been called for your card info (for wishlist items), and for online orders placed after 2pm, after you’ve received our 2nd email that your order has been ‘completed’.


Waterloo is working within RSD’s rules, and VERY serious about minimizing everyone’s exposure and risks. We want to make sure RSD is great for everyone by distributing these audio goodies in a manner that’s as safe and fair as possible. We look forward to seeing all of your requests, and to seeing you curbside on Record Store Day Sat. 10/24.

Thank you, and good luck,

Waterloo Records & Video