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Night Drive live at Waterloo Friday 7/7 at 5pm

Album: Night Drive

Night Drive

Texas based electronic art-rockers, Night Drive arrive today with their expansive debut self-titled album via Roll Call Records. Like a synesthesia-induced soundscape found within the vivid worlds of films a la Tron or The Neon Demon, the record is a staggering achievement for the duo. Inspired by sci-fi cinematic landscapes, the duo's modern synth-pop seeks to explore the darker currents of abstract emotion. With infectious melodies wrapped in thoughtful lyrics, layered over pulsing dance beats, the group create an ethereal electronic world drenched in noir. Night Drive's self-titled debut album brings to mind the aesthetics of acts like Interpol or The Knife, and is an effort best consumed in it's entirety. From the John Carpenter-esque stylings of hazy album opener, "Hyperion" to the urgent synth of "Strange Telepathy" or the slow-burning and subtle "Ghost Craft," from start to finish, the LP is a textured soundscape and surreal journey through sound.


Slaid Cleaves live at Waterloo Monday 7/10 at 5pm

Album: Ghost on the Car Radio

Slaid Cleaves

In the spring of 2016 Slaid Cleaves gave the signal to Austin,Texas, guitarist and producer "Scrappy" Jud Newcomb: it’s time to make the record. While Cleaves printed out lyric sheets and made last minute edits, Newcomb deftly put together studio, engineer, and musicians to help create Ghost on the Car Radio, Cleaves' first collection of new songs since 2013's acclaimed Still Fighting the War. As befits the times we live in, there's a heavy dose of disappointment and disillusion here, but the album ultimately slips into a profound gratitude, as if to say, "Yeah, things are pretty bad out there. But there's still some good stuff if you know where to look." Scheduled for a June 2017 release, the new album will put Cleaves back on the road for the foreseeable future as he puts down his pen and straps on his 1965 Gibson J-50 to perform old songs and new, world-weary yet defiant, doing his part to help us all through these "interesting times." Catch him Sunday 7/16 at Stateside at the Paramount Theater.


 Whiskey Shivers live at Waterloo Thursday 7/13 at 5pm

Album: Some Part of Something

Whiskey Shivers

Barefoot, sleeveless and sweaty, Whiskey Shivers frontman and fiddle master Bobby Fitzgerald never stops smiling on stage. "All right! Let’s kick this thing in the face!” he barks, as the band tears into their stringed instruments at breakneck speed. It's almost impossible to watch him perform more than a song or two without cracking a smile yourself. His exuberance is contagious, and it bleeds through into the music. Whether they're playing at a backyard house party in Texas, a punk-rock dive bar or a sprawling country music festival, crowds take notice. People put down their phones, pick up their drinks and start dancing. Despite their joyful demeanor, the guys in Whiskey Shivers aren't pretending that life is always easy. Far from it, Fitzgerald explains. Their new self-titled album, produced by fellow roots music boundary-pusher Robert Ellis, is heavy with traditional bluegrass themes and imagery lamenting universal struggles - work, pain, sin, regret and death. It's in the contrast where Whiskey Shivers' music shines. They infuse their songs with punk rock energy and a darkly comical light-heartedness, stretching the bluegrass genre to fit whatever they feel is right. For them, being happy is a conscious choice, and making fun of life's struggles is part of their philosophy. Catch them Saturday 7/22 at The Mohawk.