Dance Mania

Dance Mania

Artist: Tito Puente

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Format: CD
Label: Rca/Red Legacy
Catalog: 7447102
Genre: Reggae/World
Rel. Date: 05/26/2009
UPC: 886974471028

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Dance Mania
Dance Mania

Artist: Tito Puente
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1. El Cayuco
2. Complicacion
3. 3-D Mambo
4. Llego Mijan
5. Cuando Te Vea
6. Hong Kong Mambo
7. Mambo Gozon
8. Mi Chiquita Quiere Bembe
9. Varsity Drag Mambo
10. Estoy Siempre Junto a Ti
11. Agua Limpia Todo
12. Saca Tu Mujer
13. El Cayuco [Outtake] - (take)
14. Estoy Siempre Junto a Ti [Outtake] - (take)
15. Mambozooka
16. Havana After Dark
17. Cual Es La Idea
18. Tito Guajira
19. Yambeque
20. Son De La Loma
21. Guaririambo
22. Pa' Los Rumberos

1. Gozar Timbero, A
2. Si Te Contara
3. Separala Tambien
4. Caonao
5. Una Mujer
6. Baila Como Es
7. Dance Mania
8. Porque Te Perdi
9. Guancona
10. Son Guacha
11. Con Sandunga
12. Cua Cua
13. Site Contara [Outtake] - (take)
14. Gozar Timbero [Outtake], A - (take)
15. Una Mujer [Outtake] - (take)
16. Chanchullo
17. Guaguanco
18. Cha-Con-Cha
19. El Bajo
20. Suave Asi
21. Cha Cha Son
22. Delisse
23. El Palo


2 cd set


2009 two CD collection from the King of Latin Music. Tito Puente was one of the most memorable entertainers of the 20th century in any genre. As a composer, musician and band leader, the NYC native of Puerto Rican heritage was embraced by Americans of all colors for his exciting fusion of Afro-Cuban and Caribbean sounds tailor-made for the dance floor. Tito Puente remains a cultural icon whose appeal transcends demographics. His career spanned more than 50 years and 100 albums, his composition 'Oye Como Va' was made famous by Santana, and his memorable appearances on The Cosby Show, The Mambo Kings and The Simpsons all contributed to his legend. The image of the flamboyant superstar, dubbed 'el Rey', playing his signature timbales is familiar to every generation of Americans. He remains the most famous name in all of Latin music.