Your Band At Waterloo

There are many opportunities for you or your band to gain exposure through Waterloo Records!


Don't have a label or distributor yet? No worries, it's easy to put your CD, LP, 7" or tape on consignment at Waterloo! Just bring by what you want to sell to the store and we will get you set up. We reccommend just 5 copies to start out, unless you will be participating in our Hear TX Here program or scheduling an in-store. Sorry, we are no longer accepting t-shirts or books on a consignment basis.


Hear TX Here is an exclusive Waterloo promotion that runs monthly.
The program consists of inclusion in a Full or Junior page in the Austin Chronicle that runs one time, listening station for one month, and sale pricing/ positioning for the duration of the program.

Hear TX Here is open to Texas born or based artists with a recent release.



So, you'd like your band to do an in-store performance at Waterloo Records, but aren't sure how to get started?

First of all, we ask that you fill out and return our in-store application with a press kit, photo, and CD for us to look over. If you're a local or consignment artist please submit your application to Martin Coulter either by dropping it off in the store or e-mailing him at If we get your product through one of our many distributors please talk to your label about contacting the specific buyer with your information. Once you're approved...


We ask that the artist/label take out a 1/4 page through us in the Austin Chronicle to promote the event. Cost for a 1/4 page is $452
(price subject to change).

We have an LED display sign attached to the front of our building. To advertise your in-store on our Jumbotron, the cost is $50 per week and you can sign up for as many weeks as you’d like. The scrolling ad will include band name, day, time, and date of in-store, CD cover artwork or band publicity photo and a tag for the beer sponsor, Shiner Beers.

It is very important that the artist has additional outside publicity/exposure for the in-store as well. This is left to the artist/label's discretion, but should be noted. We do not have a built-in crowd for in-stores, it is all based on an artist's popularity, publicity, and exposure.

In order to confirm your in-store performance, we must receive payment and materials for the ad. This is the only way to confirm your in-store.

Materials for the ad include: any artwork you would like to include in the ad, the CD cover art, any quotes/reviews you would like to include, any shows you would like to tag, any sponsorships that you would like to tag, any radio stations or web sites that you would like to tag - basically, everything you want Chronicle readers to learn from your ad.

You can submit all items digitally - by e-mail to, or you may drop them off with any floor manager. Artwork can be any format - we prefer jpeg or tiff, at least 300 dpi, black and white or color.

Payment can be made in cash or with check. Sorry, no credit cards. Please make checks payable to Waterloo Records. Payment can be accepted by any floor manager here at the store, or you can mail it to the attention of Jessie Johnson or Andy Pluta.

PA System: Our PA system features 2 powered mains (250 watts), 1 14 - channel powered mixing board with 1/4" direct and standard mic inputs, 1 powered monitor, 5 Shure SM-58 microphones, 4 Shure SM-57 microphones, 5 DI boxes, and 7 boom microphone stands.
If you require additional equipment, please bring it with you, or contact your label/distribution representative for the necessary arrangements.

Please direct all sound/stage questions to Kelsey Wickliffe or Edmund LeStrange, our stage managers/sound techs. They can be reached here at the store phone – 512-474-2500 or,